I'm here for you

B2B communication – I assist SME business owners in:

  • Navigating marketing with a focus on PR and communication.
  • Understanding marketing/communication processes including their financial demands.
  • Selecting and setting up the best solutions tailored to their needs and marketing budgets.
  • Building a strong reputation for their companies.
  • Mentoring junior and mid-level PR team members, providing external insights to PR department managers.

Consultancy, coaching – I help individuals step out of their comfort zone:

  • Media presentation, working with journalists
  • Leaving a job or starting a freelance career
  • Expand into new business activities
  • Starting your own business during or after parental leave

Communication on LinkedIn – I aid individuals and SME companies in:

  • Creating tailored LinkedIn profiles (personal or business pages).
  • Developing strategies, publication plans, creating creative content, and cultivating community engagement.
  • Building and actively managing their network of contacts.
  • Creating a manual and establishing processes for employee engagement on LinkedIn to foster company solidarity and contribute to its good name.
  • Managing turnkey corporate LinkedIn pages (e.g. the communication strategy, publication plan, content creation, expanding followers, community work, etc.).

Content strategy – I help in setting up a strategy for what the company communicates via:

  • Websites, corporate and personal LinkedIn profiles.
  • Press releases, articles, and other materials for journalists.
  • Brochures, presentations, proposals, annual reports, etc.

Take a look at what I've worked on with clients:  

I'm not the big boss any more (coaching, content strategy)

How to attract attention on Linkedin (managing turnkey corporate LinkedIn pages)

Together, we can do this (coaching, content strategy for a press conference)

What am I gonna say on TV? (coaching, content strategy)

New job after parental leave (mentoring)

You can find out more about my work and my view of the world in my blog articles.

I deal with communication in the B2B segment. If you are looking for an expert in B2C communication, I recommend you look elsewhere. 

If you want to know more about my previous experience, you can check my Linkedin profile or the European freelancing portal Freelancing.eu.

My prices:  

Marketing & PR consulting, coaching (5hrs package): CZK 10 750 or EUR 450

One-off consultancy or coaching: CZK 2 400 per hour or EUR 100 per hour

Linkedin, copywriting, other tailored services: by agreement (project fee)