Jitka Kvartková

Marketing - PR - Coaching

Launching a company and need clarification on a few things? Want to raise your profile and get your business off to a good start? Leaving the corporate world and striking out on your own? Interested in marketing and working with the media? Welcome! You've come to the right place.

My name is Jitka Kvartková and I am a marketing & PR consultant and coach.

I help my clients to navigate their way around marketing, set up an effective strategy to gain a solid market foothold and then follow up with specific actions that deliver tangible results. I am no theorist - together with the clients we put ideas straight into practice.

I keep a constant eye on what effect the steps being taken have had and I tailor the individual stages of the process accordingly. I can help to overcome hurdles that may seem daunting at first.

When I hear "we've tried this before and it doesn't work", I take it as a challenge and always look for a new way forwards.

Need to improve your marketing but don't have the time? Are you a company too small to hire a full-time marketing staff? Get in touch, we'll find a solution. 

I blend my marketing and PR expertise with coaching. 

During a single consultation, you can work with me on both raising your company's profile and tackling the internal obstacles that crop up along the way to hinder the accomplishment of your goals.

  • Are you scheduled to be a podcast guest or are you going to be interviewed live by the media? I'll help you to prepare the professional aspects while relieving any stress, nervousness or fear of what could go wrong during the interview.
  • Are you wearing multiple hats and feeling unsure in your gut about who you're actually going to bat for? Is your involvement in any of your roles out of the public eye (and you want it to stay that way), making you worried that you might let something slip?
  • Do you need to tweak (or set up) your personal or business profile on LinkedIn and have no idea what to post? Or do you lack the time and interest to get it done?
  • Do you have a clear idea in your head (of your future presentations, offers...), but you keep putting off the moment you sit down and write it out? The more you procrastinate, the more stressed you get?

I combine the best of what can be learnt in the corporate world with the common sense exercised by Czech businesses. 

My previous experience means that I can quickly find my way around multinational structures, while at the same time knowing how to tune in to the needs of Czech enterprises. I understand that they often do business differently. With every assignment I try to gain new experience, observe successful people and learn from them.

Respond flexibly to current needs while also looking further down the line.

And because I take a keen interest in business and I like to listen to the experiences of those who have guided their companies to the heights, from time to time I write their stories for the readers of Hospodářské noviny. You can read some of them here (in Czech only):

Student in Switzerland has no time for part-time jobs (Hospodářské noviny)

Czechs save millions of trees by improving the shipment of bananas (Hospodářské noviny)

Czech IT developers keep up with the world  (Hospodářské noviny)

How a hundred-year-old company is going digital (Hospodářské noviny)

I love writing and crafting texts - you can make use of my skills as an experienced copywriter.   

During my career, I have written hundreds of texts, press releases, and specialist articles. I tailor the language, mood and overall feel of a text to the client and their brief. Initially, you may think I'm asking too many questions - it's just that I want to capture your environment, world view and company culture as best I can, and write copy that is as closely aligned with your overall corporate communications as possible.

If you want to see some samples of my work, check out the articles I've written for the media, or visit my blog, where I write in a purely personal capacity.

What clients and journalists say about me 

Renata Vildomcová

Marketing and Communications Director, Skanska Reality

"Jitka is a professional with an excellent grasp of the market. Another reason we work with her is that, as the client, we have the guarantee that we will receive precise deliverables by the agreed deadlines. Jitka stays on top of things and, as an external colleague, provides an independent perspective. She is able to leverage her long-standing relationships with journalists who cover the real estate market and has a great understanding of their needs. Her outstanding vocabulary makes for articles that are original, reader-friendly and clearly encapsulate our message. Naturally, I also appreciate the fact that Jitka herself comes up with stimulating ideas and openly points out potential stumbling blocks."

Pavel Teňak

Director and Interim Manager, OM Property Holding

"I have worked with Jitka for two years. She is a great communication professional, with articles and interviews as her forte, and she takes excellent care of the company's brand. She managed to rework our corporate identity in under three months, a job that among others included rebranding and a completely redesigned website for the entire group. I for one can only recommend her services as a PR and marketing expert."

Daniel Novák

Editor, Seznam.cz (formerly E15 and Czech Press Agency)

"Jitka has long partnered us in covering the real estate market and other areas. So I am well placed to say that Jitka is perfect for marketing and communication with the media, and she handles journalists' questions swiftly and professionally. Press conferences organised by Jitka always deliver worthwhile information and go straight to the nub of the matter. She has the ability to spot and creatively present key market trends that would otherwise remain out of sight."

What's my professional background?

At Cushman & Wakefield, a global real estate consulting firm, I was in charge of the Central European PR team. After going freelance, I was instrumental in the inception of the Savills marketing department and I was an external member of the communications team at Skanska Reality, where I brought an unprejudiced outside perspective, created opportunities for exposure in the media and wrote numerous articles as a copywriter. At ČSOB Leasing, I contributed to the expansion of business in the freight and commercial machinery leasing department.

I put my knowledge of German to good use while working at a law firm with a German background. At OM Property Holding, a construction and property development company, I provided marketing support for the transition of a consultancy into a holding structure, including the market launch of a brand new qualified investor fund. I maintain the company's LinkedIn pages and assist senior executives in the management of their private profiles.

Many of the things I learnt early on in my career I still do the same way because they proved their worth and continue to work terrifically well. Simultaneously I keep working on my own development, following specialist publications, podcasts and webinars in the field, and doing lots of reading. I tailor the best of what I've learnt over the years to each client.

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