All of us are looking for inspiration in life. Here I bring you my observations, customer stories, and insights from my work environment and my travels abroad.

I'm also eager to share my tips on interesting books with you.

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After five years of operation, the owner of KLPM decided to replace the original website with a new version. The company operates in the B2B segment, has ten employees, and does not have a full-time in-house marketer. Therefore, the company owner has decided to outsource their marketing and commissioned me to create the new website as a project.

Linkedin is one of the key communication channels for B2B companies today. I manage several company pages for which I create content and work with the community. And I'm delighted when client projects are successfully growing and I see clear results behind them. In this case study, I share the experience of managing a company page that has...

The #HolkyzMarketingu mentoring programme connects young talents with women who have already gained experience in marketing. As mentor and member of the community, I enjoy guiding and developing talented women who are eager to learn and listen.

The client, a commercial real estate expert, was approached by a TV news crew. They invited him to the studio to comment on market developments as a live guest. He had been involved in the letting of logistics and production halls in the Czech Republic for many years as an employee of a corporation, after which he set up...

The camaraderie and sense of belonging that pilgrims experience during their journeys is quite unique in today's technological age. For me, it is one of the most powerful experiences of the journey. Total strangers spontaneously greet each other and chat, the pilgrim's greeting "Buen Camino" is heard countless times a day.