All of us are looking for inspiration in life. Here I bring you my observations, customer stories, and insights from my work environment and my travels abroad.

I'm also eager to share my tips on interesting books with you.

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On a trip to Egypt, I met a Czech friend who had married there and had been living there for some time. She was keen to show me a side of the country that tends to remain hidden from tourists. And so I got to experience for myself what it is like for an Egyptian woman to go shopping.

Czech antivirus firm Avast has introduced a lifelong flexibility concept enabling its employees to work from virtually anywhere in the world. They can take unlimited days of leave and need only show up at the office perhaps once a month for a meeting with their team or boss. The company's Prague headquarters drew its inspiration from across the...

I do exercise that toughens me up because I enjoy it and I also see it as a great way of warding off all kinds of diseases. Already an open water swimmer, I have also taken up barefoot walking. Outdoors, too, of course. Besides making me more resistant to colds, my new hobby has also given me a fresh way of looking at the world....

I was contacted by a client, a former director of a multinational corporation, who had decided to start his own business. As a familiar face in his field, he wanted to inform the press that he was making a career change and that his work would take him in a new direction.

Setkávám se s lidmi, sedím u počítače a hledám informace, kreslím na papír myšlenkovou mapu...mezitím zvoní telefon a přicházejí maily. Baví mě ta různorodost! A děkuji za to, že kvůli ní nemusím sedět každý den ve stejné kanceláři. Je tolik míst, kde se dá tvořit, v klidu telefonovat, nebo naopak sbírat inspiraci. Smekám před klienty, kteří si pro...