What am I gonna say on TV?


The client, a commercial real estate expert, was approached by a TV news crew. They invited him to the studio to comment on market developments as a live guest. He had been involved in the letting of logistics and production halls in the Czech Republic for many years as an employee of a corporation, after which he set up his own company. He knew every detail of the market, just as people in the industry knew his name very well. No wonder the economic correspondent turned to him. 

"What am I going to say there? After all, I haven't been acting as industrial agent for a long time?" He started the meeting with question marks in his eyes. He was faced with a considerable dilemma. His reputation as an experienced industrial agent was spreading further thanks to his thriving business. However, the client had long since withdrawn from the daily agency work and handed over the management of the company to a professional team.

Having that time his hands free, he dedicated to the investment in the commercial real estate in the Central European region.

The opportunity to appear on live TV was very tempting and he didn't want to miss it. Firstly, he was flattered, and secondly, he was very aware that he would raise the profile of his business and attract new customers. However, he was not comfortable discussing the details of the rental market.

The client likes a challenge and was willing to step out of his comfort zone. He decided he wanted to find a way to tilt the situation in his favour.

I helped him look at things from different angles. We focused on the facts and compiled a list of topics in which he is an expert and can shine in front of the camera. This way, he will bring valuable information and insights from the world of investing to the audience and feel comfortable with the topic himself.

The client decided to reconnect with the editors and explain that his expertise today lies in real estate investing in the Central European region. And that questions about hall rentals would be appropriate to ask another expert.

The editors accepted the information and matter-of-factly stated that an investment expert was more than welcome in their studio. The client only needed to set-up a date.