How to attract attention on Linkedin


Linkedin is one of the key communication channels for B2B companies today. I manage several company pages for which I create content and work with the community. And I'm delighted when client projects are successfully growing and I see clear results behind them. In this case study, I share the experience of managing a company page that has organically gained more than 500 new followers over the past year and has seen nearly 80,000 page views.

The Association for Foreign Investment (AFI) is a non-profit organization that focuses on cultivating the investment environment and supporting investors in the Czech Republic. It creates a platform for mutual communication between the private and public sectors. Its members are leading consulting firms that offer advice to foreign investors entering the Czech market.

Therefore, the association focuses its communication on several target groups: both current investors who already have their business in the Czech Republic and potential investors who are still considering their entry into the Czech market. Furthermore, the representatives of the public sector, the members of the association themselves and the business public in general.

We chose Linkedin as one of the main channels of communication with the public for several reasons:

  • A number of the association members, current investors and public sector representatives are active on this channel
  • We are able to reach an international audience, i.e. potential investors, through posts in English
  • We decided for organic growth. i.e. a proactive approach and regular content creation without paid campaigns (given the limited budget of a non-profit organisation)

I took responsibility for the profile in March 2023 and over the next twelve months I was completely in charge of it, including content strategy, content creation, communication with the audience, developing a network of followers, etc.

During 2023, we published an average of two posts per week. Their topics went across all the activities of the association. The most common topics included:

  • News in the field of investment in the Czech Republic
  • Summary of events AFI has organised for its members and investors, including meetings with prominent businessmen and politicians
  • AFI's 4th Annual Conference (for which there was a two-month campaign)
  • Key conferences on digitalisation, energy, industrial construction and other topics affecting businesses and their further development
  • Current pending amendments to laws that have a significant impact on the investment environment in the Czech Republic
  • We have published major media outputs by AFI representatives broadcasted on Czech Television, Czech Radio and other media
  • And of course we also shared photos from informal meetings

We invited the AFI members, partners and other cooperating institutions to join us in content creation. Thanks to our active approach, we gained over 500 new followers in one year (the number of followers increased from about 1,000 to 1,500) and generated almost 80,000 organic views of our posts, including 6,500 organic clicks.

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