New web for a client - case study


After five years of operation, the owner of KLPM decided to replace the original website with a new version. The company operates in the B2B segment, has ten employees, and does not have a full-time in-house marketer. Therefore, the company owner has decided to outsource their marketing and commissioned me to create the new website as a project. 

KLPM is a Property & Asset Management company. It was established during the Brexit vote when it took over the management of a commercial real estate portfolio from another company, originally owned by British citizens. They decided to exit their EU business after Brexit. During this period of rapid change, the original website was also created and by 2023 it was no longer relevant to the current needs of the market.

The aim of the website is to introduce the company and services to potential clients (not a sales website). The brief was "Lighten, update and deliver a fresh look".

I helped the client:

  • flesh out the idea
  • we named the goal, target audience and key messages
  • and formulated the content strategy.

We set a timeline for the collaboration and a budget.

I then launched the tender for the technical supplier on her behalf and helped with the evaluation of the bids. 

After an initial meeting with the tender winner, I prepared a map of the new website for the client and consulted with her on the selection of appropriate case studies. The aim was to balance the work in different segments of the property market, while balancing the level of attention paid to individual services and customers.

Subsequently, I prepared complete texts for the Czech version of the website. Thanks to the quality of the client's brief and my many years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, I managed to create content at such a high level that only one proofreading by the client was needed to obtain the final version of the texts. I admit, this is rather unique.

In the subsequent steps, the client collated the photographs, and the technical solution provider selected a suitable template and created a rough version of the website. At the next few meetings, we fine-tuned all the details of the Czech version and prepared the English version. After testing and final approval by the client, the technical solution provider launched the website.

You can see the current version here.

References from Katalin Szável, owner of KLPM:

I had met Jitka before and was aware she knew our industry and had a very professional approach. It was a clear choice for me to commission her to develop my new website. Jitka presented a clear timetable for cooperation right from the start, broken down into understandable and achievable steps. She came up with solutions and managed the project so that we could publish the new website on time and in the quality I expected. I will be happy to work with her again. 

References from Mirka M. Králíková, supplier of the technical solution:

The cooperation with Jitka Kvartkova and Katalin Szável was very pleasant and efficient beyond measure. I have not experienced such clear and open meetings with such concrete deliverables with any of my previous clients.

At the first meeting, Jitka gave me a clear introduction to the Property & Asset Management industry and presented the challenges the client was facing and what she expected from the collaboration and the new website. We fine-tuned additional questions on specific points such as the company's marketing strategy, key target audience, website goals, expected website design, tone-of-voice, company brand, social networks used and other practical details (frequency of meetings, deadlines, delivery of documents).

Throughout the website development collaboration, Jitka acted as an important link between Katalin and me. Her professionalism, knowledge of the field, great organizational skills and at the same time a very pleasant feminine approach were a great asset to everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation and on behalf of both myself and Jitka I wish more such pleasant and high-quality professional meetings.